The need to monitor of loading vehicles on the highway increases especially to control the overloaded truck that causes highly maintenance cost. The use of WIM is the right choice because it does not interfere traffic. We have experienced in the selection of WIM which reliable, efficient and low maintenance cost to be used on the highway. We collected data from a wide range of traffic loading equipped with image can be transmitted in real time basis easily to central monitoring to be analyzed.

Supporting by a worldwide leading company in dynamic measuring technology we applied WIM quartz based technology not only on highways but also on sea ports, and mining successfully. This WIM application become a means to weigh reliably, efficiently, and safe at sea port due to corrosion proof and mining since its nature able to accommodate series number wagon of truck.

We also provide WIM for railroads for track access charges especially when train operator are separated from the institution owning and maintaining the railroads. Application of this WIM rail enable to check safety, uneven load condition, damaged wheels and flats spots.