About Company

PT. Struktur Pintar Indonesia (SPI), established in 2006, is engaged in testing and measurement. SPI works with several similar companies in the world that already have an international reputation, such as BDI Inc, which is experienced in testing bridges, dams, and piers. SPI also a member of American Society for Non Destructive Test (ASNT) and International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure (ISHMII).

The advancement in material technology, issuance of new earthquake regulation in 2017, besides the requirement of industry 4.0, the need for testing of building structures become crucial to have the right insight about the level of structure safety based on new earthquake regulation with regards to fulfill building function worthiness. For factories, evaluation of structure are also needed to make sure the strength of the structure is qualified to accommodate robotic systems in their line of production.

SPI is also a pioneer in the development of Structural Health Monitoring Systems (SHMS) in Indonesia. To make this system work effectively, it requires not only expertise in the field of structure, instrumentation techniques and Information Computer & Telecommunication (ICT), but also experience so that it can ensure the system runs effectively. With its long experience since 2009, SPI has all the expertise to plan and implement it.

To provide the best service to our customers, we always train our human resources competencies to improve our method of statement and adopt the advance technologies to make our works more efficient. Realize that Indonesia is in an earthquake-prone area, so to increase value added to our service, SPI collaborates with Sanyo Construction Service Co.Ltd from Japan, which has a lot experienced in doing retrofitting of structure in anticipating the effect of an earthquake.

Lastly, SPI also promotes a culture of work, health, and safety since we believe that by giving serious attention to work health and safety will not only provide a sense of comfort and security to the employee but also be able to influence business potential in the future because the customer will be more interested and trusting to cooperate with companies with effective management systems including in terms of employee health and safety.