Test is a specific tool or procedure to get a response or performance of any attribute or specific character of structure in one time (snapshot). The result of a test is a picture of the structure character or performance at that specific time.

Structural testing is now an integral part of the modern construction industry, whether used to prove the ability of individual components or materials for the existence of a structure.

This structural testing can be carried out by following established standards to find out whether the performance of a structure is adequate as planned or for certification before the structure is used or open to the public.

A complete building structure may require testing to ensure that the strength of the building is in accordance with the plan. Sometime testing must also be done because of changes in building use, changes in environmental conditions, and the existence of new regulations to ensure that the state of the building still meets the standards.

SPI offer testing of building structures, bridges, ports, tunnels, etc. with modern methods and the latest technology of equipment handled by experienced engineers so that the implementation of testing can be done efficiently and effectively, on top of reliable results.