Concrete Repair and Protection

From our experience of testing and measuring, we found out that the weakness of concrete structures starting from concrete damage. Concrete is a composite material consisting of various elements, such as coarse aggregate, which is bound together with liquid cement that will harden like stone over time. Although concrete looks solid, it is porous and can be penetrated by liquid. Pores, cavities, and capillary pathways can carry water and aggressive chemicals into structural elements, which will then damage steel and concrete, thereby damaging structural strength.

The penetration of aggressive substances into the concrete through interconnected pores, coupled with cracks, causes material degradation and structural damage. Depending on the type of substance penetrating, the attack can occur on concrete or steel reinforcement. The dominant factors causing damage to reinforced concrete structures are carbonation and diffusion of chloride ions, which cause corrosion in steel reinforcement.

We have a unique concrete treatment technology that is crystalline technology. This technology will make concretely impermeable to liquids, and concrete repair and protection applications more effective to produce a high service life. The crystallization technology that we offer is Xypex. Xypex will make concrete resistant to attack from aggressive chemicals, protect concrete from a variety of harsh environments such as marine structures, and increase concrete durability.

The advantage of Xypex is that the material is an integral and permanent part of the concrete matrix. Highly resistant to chemicals with a pH range of 3.0 -11.0, cannot be punctured or damaged, making concrete resistant to high hydrostatic pressure from both positive and negative sides, not affected by humidity, ultraviolet, and oxygen levels. It can even be used to protect concrete roofs from leaks.